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AI Photo

Discover a new realm of photography—an art form transcending traditional boundaries. Dive into the captivating world of AI-generated imagery, where prompts meet powerful editing tools, and cameras become obsolete. Unleash your imagination and witness the boundless possibilities of AI art.


​Camera Angles

  • Wide-Angle Shot: Pull the              camera back from the subject.

  • Ultra-Wide Angle: Pull the camera very far back from the subject

  • Eye-Level Shot: Camera even with the head of a figure.

  • Far-Shot Angle: The figure looks very small/distant.

  • Medium-Shot Angle: Looking up at figure from knee level (child gazes up at parent).

  • Ground-Shot Angle: Looking down at the figure from knee level (parent gazes down at child).

  • Low-Angle Shot: On the ground, looking up at figure (puppy gazes up at human).

  • Full-Shot Angle: Your target in full view.

  • Full-Body Shot: Head-to-toe view, like the full-shot angle.

  • Glamour Shot: Different zooms, but always flattering to figure.

Assigning a Light

  • Left side Lighting

  • Right side Lighting

  • Overhead Lighting

  • Underneath Lighting  

  • Diffusion-filter

  • Dichroic-filter

  • UV-filter

  • Polarizer

  • Infrared-filter

  • Neutral density filter

  • Graduated neutral filter

  • GND-filter

  • Astronomical-filter

  • Coin-filter 


Film Style & Effects  

  • Afga Vista

  • Tri-X

  • Daguerreotype Plates

  • Kodak Gold

  • Konica Infrared

  • Fujifilm Pro

  • DSLR

  • Schlieren

  • Disposable Camera

  • Polaroid

  • Instax

  • Lomo

  • Pinhole Photography

  • VistaVision

  • Technirama

  • Techniscope

  • Panavision

  • Ambrotype

  • Night Vision

  • Drone photography

  • GoPro Video

  • Unregistered Hypercan 2

  • Hyperspectral Imaging

  • Multispectral Imaging

Default_beatyful_body_of_nudist_Barbarian_queen_nudist_Gorgeou_122 (176).jpg

List of 50 famous photographers
Styles that can be successful in capturing natural photos:

Ansel Adams
Diane Arbus
Richard Avedon
Guy Bourdin
Robert Capa
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Larry Clark
Anton Corbijn
Gregory Crewdson
Rineke Dijkstra
William Eggleston
Walker Evans
Robert Frank
Nan Goldin
David Hamilton
Lewis Hine
Dorothea Lange
Annie Leibovitz
Sally Mann
Mary Ellen Mark
Steve McCurry
Joel Meyerowitz
Duane Michals
Sarah Moon
Helmut Newton

Examples of combinations:

Default_We_celebrate_imperfection_because_we_too_photographers_211 (1).jpg
Default_full_black_bodys_model_in_red_and_black_farb_beautiful_2 (1).jpg
Default_perfect_full_body_parts_of_biautiful_women_nudist_Dres_22 (6).jpg
Leonardo_Kino_XL_Top_grey_model_women_perfect_real_looking_ver_01 (2).jpg
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